Moh is a world class citizen, well travelled and no foreigner to the continent of Africa. His travels has seen him exploring Asia via Europe in a search of different musical inspirations and artistic influences. 

His uncle form his motherland Senegal Dakar, had a major influence in him by exposing him to his LP's. Young forty-something whose family name Diouf - he is playfully preceding by a partitive article- is the label of his Senegalese belonging, Moh is an artist that loves to take root while opening himself to the world.

His Serer heritage from the Buur Sine1 he holds onto and carries during his journeys which are firstly human quests for him. Moh like Mohamed, his real name or maybe (as punch line) Mo’ of those who always wants “more” and know to exceed themselves

Very good lyricist, whose fluid and poetic Wolof equals his ease in French, he also sings in English.
Only French-speaking artist to have ever won the International Song Writing competition in New-York in World music category, he is as well the only Senegalese artist on the 2010 FIFA World Cup’s line-up in South Africa, selected by Sony Music.

Passionate about dialectics and philosophy, literary by training, him who said that he is making music in the name of freedom, freedom of speech, deed and direction (while releasing his last single “Fi nekhna” in 2016), practices now the fourth art by pure calling.

Indeed, when you listen to him talk, you will hear a man driven by the intellect, avid and eager to understand everything with this nearly obsessive need to interact with all that surrounds him here but yet, always, pushes him elsewhere afar.

When he sings, it is as if he chants secret prayers of hidden or even forgotten dreams. His lyrical complains when taken higher; give goose bumps as to remind to the memory of the soul.

Resolutely Pan-Africanist, he always aims to offer a true photography of what the continent of today represents for him and what it can exchange with the contemporary world. He advocates for Africa and its popular cultures he never gets tired to discover, revisit and re-offer to the African youth to whom he is committed, notably in education.

Activist in the soul even if he rejects and abstains from moralizing speeches, Moh is in actions. He carries the #4Mandela movement, a collective of artists and cultural actors whose ambition is to create, on their humble level, a continuity to Mandela’s fight through education and health for youth in Africa.

Today, he who in a distant life wanted to be a doctor still seeks remedies to pains he has been for a long time trying to heal with words. Moh DeDiouf is absolutely not moody in his art and if he is not afraid to go far to trigger new creativity, he does not either skimp either on time or means.

It took him six years to make the musical journey he wants to embark us on. Very good musician, he plays guitar, piano and percussion. He composes his songs and is prolific, by the way.
Inspired writer, audacious interpreter, he is firstly a music lover before a singer. Passionate, demanding and somehow perfectionist, Moh is now back with a musical collection of his adventures and an additional proof that when a Jambart2 runs far, it is always to return stronger.